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Anokhee Ada

Taskeen necklace

Taskeen necklace

Weight- 128.0 grams

Introducing the "Taskeen Necklace". a century-old treasure from pre-partition Lucknow, featuring a red stone with an elegant Urdu script at its center. This antique piece carries the essence of a bygone era, with the option to replace the stone upon request. The Taskeen Necklace was unearthed in the storied lanes of Lucknow, hidden away in a dusty chest that belonged to a prominent poet of the early 20th century. Each element of the Taskeen Necklace was carefully designed to reflect the depth and beauty of the poet’s feelings. Today, the Taskeen Necklace is ready to share its rich history and timeless beauty with a new owner. Embrace the poetic heritage and artistic charm of this remarkable piece, and let the Taskeen Necklace become a cherished part of your collection.

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