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Qurbat gajra

Qurbat gajra

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Weight- 70.6 grams

  • Collectible spanning back to 60 to 70 years
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Qurbat Gajra - Introducing the "Qurbat Gajra": This exquisite silver gajra, aged 60-70 years, holds a poignant story of maternal love and tradition. It is said to have been lovingly crafted by a mother for her daughter, on the occasion of her wedding. Adorned with the moon and crescent sign, symbols of protection and blessings, it was a heartfelt gift meant to accompany her on the journey of marriage. Passed down through generations, the "Qurbat Gajra" serves as a cherished reminder of the enduring bond between mother and daughter, and the timeless traditions that unite them.

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