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Mehmat pendant

Mehmat pendant

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Weight- 75.5 grams

  • Collectible spanning back to 60-70 years old.
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  • We guarantee the true weight of our antique pieces.
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Mehmet Pendant - Introducing the "Mehmat Pendant", a stunning piece adorned with firoza (turquoise) and coral stones, crafted 60-70 years ago. The Mehmat Pendant was discovered in a charming antique shop in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world. The Mehmat Pendant was designed to reflect the deep blue of the Turkish waters and the fiery hues of the setting sun. The jeweler meticulously selected the finest firoza and coral stones, setting them in an intricate silver framework that showcased their natural beauty. It is perfect to be worn on special occasions, adding a touch of regal elegance to one's ensemble.

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