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Mayura bracelet

Mayura bracelet

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Weight- 85.5 grams

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Mayura bracelets - Silver antique bracelets comes in set of two.

Elegance personified, the Mayura Bracelet is a celestial dance of silver and
symbolism. Crafted with gleaming silver, it delicately curves around your wrist,
shimmering like moonlight on tranquil waters. At its heart, two resplendent
peacocks about to unfurl their delicate feathers, etched with celestial precision.
Beyond ornamentation, these peacocks hold profound meaning. In Hindu culture,
they symbolize love, prosperity, and divine grace. The vibrant plumage mirrors
the beauty of heavens, while their graceful dance embodies the joy of life's
Wearing the Mayura Bracelet is an embrace of these auspicious qualities. Let the
peacocks narrate tales of love and good fortune, their jeweled plumage a
reminder of your inner radiance. With every movement, they dance, infusing your
gestures with celestial grace.
Whether a stunning accessory or a meaningful talisman, the Mayura Bracelet is a
treasure that whispers odes to beauty and celebrates life's abundance. Embrace
the divine elegance within you, adorned with the celestial hues of the Mayura

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