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Afshin earring

Afshin earring

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Weight- 49.5 grams

  • Collectible spanning back to 70 to 80 years
  • Enjoy free shipping on our unique collection.
  • We guarantee the true weight of our antique pieces.
  • Quality you can rely on.

Afshin Earrings - Introducing the "Afshin Earrings": These captivating earrings hold a story of serendipity and discovery. Found tucked away in an old antique shop, they were hidden among a myriad of forgotten treasures, waiting to be unearthed. Crafted with care and adorned with carnelian and firoza stones, they exude an aura of timeless elegance. It is said that the "Afshin Earrings" once belonged to a noblewoman who treasured them dearly, passing them down through generations as a symbol of grace and sophistication. Today, they offer a glimpse into the past, allowing you to carry a piece of history wherever you go. Step into the enchanting world of the "Afshin Earrings" and let their beauty adorn your ears with a touch of vintage allure.

Plus, our personalized service allows you to request any missing stones to ensure you have the perfect pair. Elevate your style with the Afshin earrings now!

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