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Aayushman Ring

Aayushman Ring

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Weight- 22.5 g

  • Collectible spanning back to 50 years
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Delve into the captivating origin of the Silver Rajasthani Makara heads thumb Ring by Anokhee Ada. This exquisite piece draws inspiration from the Rabari tribe, a nomadic community known for their rich cultural heritage in the deserts of Rajasthan, India.

Crafted 50 years ago this Aayushman Ring is a testament to timeless elegance and exquisite design. Legend has it that the inspiration for this ring came from a chance encounter between a skilled artisan and a wandering Rabari tribe woman. Mesmerized by her adornments and the stories they held, the artisan set out to capture the essence of Rabari craftsmanship in this remarkable piece.

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