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Adira Neckpiece

Adira Neckpiece

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Weight- 305 g

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Tinted mirror work, also known as "shisha" or "mirror embroidery " is a craft that has roots, in the rich tapestry of Indian textile and embroidery traditions. Throughout history tinted mirror work has been a symbol of identity and status in communities and regions across India. It goes beyond being merely decorative; it holds social significance. Skilled artisans have woven small colored mirrors into textiles to create floral patterns resulting in a craft with a fascinating historical background. Today it stands as a representation of Indias heritage bringing vibrancy and elegance to fashion and jewelry pieces.

This exquisite Tinted Mirror neckpiece effortlessly combines fashion with timeless artistry making it an ideal choice, for occasions or adding a touch of glamour to your everyday style. Discover Now and Leave a Dazzling Impression
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